About Us

Mumspring has a lofty objective: to offer convenient access to the best baby gear, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

Every idea starts with a problem. When our founder was having her first baby, it was practically impossible to find baby products that were certified safe for baby where she lived - Nigeria. She ended up shipping everything herself from the US and it was such a hassle. Imagine taking care of a newborn and tracking cargo shipments at the same time. That’s how the idea of Mumspring - a curation of the best available baby products at competitive prices - was born.

We also believe that every newborn has the right to live.

Everyday, over 500 newborns die in Nigeria alone.
To help address this problem, The Mumspring Foundation was born to ensure that for every product sold, a sterile delivery kit is distributed to someone in need. These sterile kits prevent infections, one of the leading causes of neonatal death.

There’s nothing complicated about it. Everyone Benefits.

Good baby stuff, Good outcome.
To learn more about The Mumspring Foundation, visit http://instagram.com/mumspringfoundation