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Your first, second or third time being pregnant and yet curious or anxious? Sure you don't want to live on with the tension, curiousity and anxiety that accompany being pregnant due to absence of a true and verified support! This support isn't about your sister-in-law coming around to help with the dishes or your husband giving you a weekly massage; those are lovely but there is more...

Did you know that your curiousity, anxiety or tension will still grow despite those support?

You will still have questions like:

  • What should I eat or avoid during this phase?
  • What nutrient is essential during my current trimester?
  • How is my baby developing in my week of pregnancy?
  • Should I take medications during pregnancy even if it's just for headache?
  • Is exercise good for me? If yes, what type of exercises are good enough?
  • Why do I experience mood swings?

The list is endless...

Your best support is having the right knowledge about different stages of pregnancy and applying it when necessary!


Download The App Here (27mb)

 Being informed about every detail of this phase is all you need to help your mind and spirit become one with the changes that will spring up on this transforming journey?  

You will be amazed how many moms-to-be have been misinformed through pregnancy myths. The mumspring app was created to correct that and to create an atmosphere of reality and truth about your pregnancy journey.

Some of the features are:

  • Weekly baby development updates
  • Weekly essential nutrient for the pregnancy period
  • Pregnancy health index
  • Journaling
  • Baby registry
  • Husband support in pregnancy 
  • FAQ on pregnancy and myths to avoid
  • And lots of other things you need for a safe pregnancy journey 


Go get the app and discover more...

Download The App Here (27mb)


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