Chicco Cotton Bud

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Chicco Cotton Bud 90pcsCOTTON BUDS:

Chicco brings to you, specially designed ear buds for your baby. Now clean your baby’s ear properly and gently with these Chicco Cotton Tip Sicurnet Ear Buds. These cotton ear buds are sterile, so they can give your baby a bacteria and germ free cleaning experience. These double ended soft, cotton ear buds are easy to use. The flexible design of these ear-cleaners can easily extend to the unreachable corners of the ears and provide smart and proper ear cleaning without scratching or harming the sensitive corners of the ears. These ear buds can be used regularly for cleaning the baby’s ears gently" Chicco safety cotton buds, 90 Pieces The Chicco safety cotton buds are particularly suitable for babies and toddlers. They are very soft and their specially shaped tip prevents too far intubation in babies ears. The ends of the safety cotton buds are made of 100% cotton. Package Contents: 90 Pieces

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