Kitett Duo Minikit (Electric Breast Pump)

  • ₦81,000.00

Minikit Duo by Kitett
Portable electric breast pump with double nipple (medical device).

Based on the selection made by Caroline Bouhala, doctor of pharmacy.

DTF completes its range of Kitett portable electric breast pumps, with the Minikit Duo allowing single or double pumping. It is therefore added to the Minikit Solo, with simple pumping. Nine adjustment levels are available. It works either on mains power or on batteries (four AA batteries not supplied) and weighs 200 g, excluding battery.

Instructions: choose the single or double pumping mode. The first four adjustment levels are intended for the stimulation phase. They create short and close movements which aim to cause the milk ejection reflex. From level 5, the device enters the milk expression phase, with longer and spaced movements.

Presentations: Minikit Duo by Kitett. Each device is supplied with two breast shields.

Manufacturer: DTF medical.

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